Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Free Teresa Kok Petition

I wanted to post something I saw recently at the carpark of my favorite shopping mall but it would seem so trivial in the light of bigger issues.. of which one of them is to FREE TERESA KOK, ABOLISH ISA! I would not be doing what my heart tells me to do if I went ahead and posted something about a bunch of cows inside somebody's car in a carpark..sheeesh..

So, what are you waiting for? Quick Quick... go over to FREE TERESA, ABOLISH ISA! petition site and sign the petition. I have done it .. a little late for I am the 17,659th person to do it... but better late than not doing it at all. Tell your friends, fellow countrymen.... let us stand united in our vigil for Teresa and all the other ISA detainees. Read more at Tony's blog.

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Anonymous said...

if this komunis theresa is still on the loose, country will become chaos of her, let us stand on ISA and make this DAP bitch stay long time behind bars, maybe we should do the petitions of STAND ON ISA.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I've just signed up yes2day. I am at 5xxx. :)

Unknown said...

i wonder if anon is so passionate about his/her beliefs, why doesn't he/she stand up and be counted? why stand behind the veil of anonymity?

fooi, *high5*

tasy said...

cows humping in the car?

I signed too, on hardcopy.

Unknown said...

hahaha.. gargies.. i am not sure if they humped before i arrived coz there were quite a lot of cow-lets in the car too..

sign on the hardcopy? yeah *high5*