Friday, September 19, 2008

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

Remember in my previous post, I mentioned about attending this Entrepreneur's Action Program Boot Camp? Well, there was one thing I learnt and probably remember forever is how they broke down our fear. What do we fear? Apparently fear itself.

They told us at the Boot Camp that FEAR is really false evidence appearing real. And this has stopped many people from doing a lot of things. When we were kids, our parents have instilled this fear in us that if we didn't study, we will end up like the poor man(or woman) who has his cardboard home underneath the bridge. When we were in school, our teachers instilled fear in us by ridiculing us when we got the answers wrong and our schoolmates laugh at us.

When we are adults, there are a lot of things we want to try but because FEAR has been ingrained in us, we hold back. A lot of times we play mind games with ourselves. One part tells us to go for it, the other part warns us about the negative possible outcome.

Have you lived to regret not taking action sometimes to go for what you wanted. One good example is that during seminars and events, normally, the presenter would ask for someone to volunteer to answer a question or do something up on stage. A lot of times, the question will turn out to be either ridiculous simple or the action is just going up there and doing so equally simple act. But because of our fear of being laughed at, we have always held back. I *raises hand* have always had that fear. But after that Boot Camp, I have learnt that FEAR is really at the end of the day, just false evidence appearing real.. and the best remedy for it is to take action. The EAP Boot Camp has really done wonders. I would definitely recommend people to have a look at their program. They have free previews every now and then, and it is totally without obligations. If you do go, please give Wendy Lai and Tammie Lum my regards. These girls are really very nice people :D.

Oh, found an interesting website here on Making Money. Have a great weekend everybody.

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Anonymous said...

I have this symptom too. :P
I guess some of them were instill to us when we were really young.

Unknown said...

yes that is so very true for many of us. We have been brow beaten to death by the system here that during my first year in Uni in Australia, I could not even recognize my lecturer or tutor most of the time.. coz my eyes is always averted to the floor of the classroom .... scared of being called to answer questions *sigh*. Never got a chance to really see their faces heehee