Monday, September 22, 2008

Making Money Simply by Emails?

It is kind of boring in the office right now. Could it be because a lot of people are already in the Raya mood? Actually, Raya is the start of the year end festivities here in Malaysia as we have Deepavali following that, then Hari Raya Haji, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. I can sense my waistline expanding already haha.

Well, festivities also means extra money needed to buy new clothes, presents and loads of other stuff. In fact, I have been eyeing the ACER Aspire One for several weeks already. Sigh.. why are there so many things to buy with so little money?

If there was a way of earning a bit of extra money without too much effort, I would be very interested. Wouldn't you be too? Anyway, there is an eLearning Portal which allows one to make money by sending emails. I reckon that if one is already spending so much time on the internet, why not make it worthwhile$$. And sending emails are what we do quite well already. Don't we already send all sorts of things to our friends and acquaintances via email. Well, I for one has been receiving loads of stuff from my friends, jokes, motivational and inspirational thoughts, alerts and warnings.. haha.. during lunch time, an ex-colleague came on the Yahoo Messenger to warn me about the danger of the latest drug in the market Burundanga. BEWARE! he warns. I just said "Thank you for the Warning". Will tell him later to go read my blog :)

Well, if you receive an email from me in the next couple of days regarding the eLearning Portal, please humor me and read the mail.... please.... trying to earn my way to the new Acer Aspire One by Christmas. A Christmas present to mua from mua :D.

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Anonymous said...

You can try here:
If you like to write articles of about anything then try triond.

At least I get a few USD per month hehe. Basically the more you write the more people will read your articles..and you get paid for it.

Unknown said...

oh thank you very much che-cheh. mucho gracias yeah..hugs!