Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Talk so Men will Listen

Since finishing my Entrepreneurs Program recently, I have made it a point to read at least a chapter (if it is short) or a couple of pages of a Self Development/Improvement or Motivational book before I go to sleep every night. At the moment, I am reading Allan & Barbara Pease's "People Skills For Life - Easy Peasy". The book is very easy to read and quite funny too. Actually all of Allan's books carries subtle humor in them. Anyway, I got to the chapter "How to Talk so Men will Listen". I thought it really hit home as I have always been having the same opinion as Allan Peace. I continued to read on to the next chapter "How to Talk so Women will Listen". I would like to share them with you here and also to see if many of you do share the same opinion. Hope that it helps throw some light on our relationships and how the other half works.

Extracted from Allan & Barbara Pease's"people Skills for Life - Easy Peasy".

"How to Talk so Men will Listen" - Menspeak

1. Give men one thing at a time
Men's brains are compartmentalized. It's as if a man's brain is divided into little rooms with each room containing a function that works in isolation of all others. Do not multi-track with a man. Keep your ideas and thoughts separate. Deal with one thing at a time.

2. Let him have his turn to speak
Male brains are wired up to either speak or listen. Most men can't do both simultaneously and this is why men take turns to talk. Let him have his turn and let him finish his sentence. Do not interrupt.

3. Use a poker face when listening
Men think that someone who uses many facial expressions when listening may have mental or emotional problems. Hold a serious expression when listening to a man and make listening sounds like "uh-huh....", "I see...." , "Yeah, yeah...." to encourage him to continue.

4. Give him facts and information
Male brains are organized for spatial tasks and are interested in the relationship between things. Show solutions to problems, give facts and testimonials. Avoid emotional pleas. Instead, prove your point.

5. Use direct speech
Men's sentences are shorter than women's and contain more facts, data, information and solutions. Don't hint or infer things. Say what you mean and get to the point.

Watch out for the continuation of this in the next post :). Meanwhile, another free video *smirks*and this is from Allan's website.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. We gurls sure need some tips when talking to men especially when we want them to do something.

Unknown said...

haha..yes Iris.. now i know that when a man is watching TV, esply football, it is really a waste of time telling him how your day was...he's just "not there"...have a great weekend iris :)

Unknown said...


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