Friday, May 9, 2008

A little rain must fall in everyone's life....

These are the famous words of wisdom uttered whenever things don't go too smoothly with life...but yesterday, I was at the movies and this RAIN...I don't mind if this RAIN kept falling into my life...everyday heehee.

I was feeling very tired from work the last few days...meetings after meetings and the work after each meeting was really weighing me down. So, yesterday to forget the stress of work, I went to watch a movie with Tobiyama. Actually, I also had an ulterior motive too.. I wanted to collect the Prince Caspian glass which GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) is offering as a promotional item from starting from 8th May 2008 until 4th June 2008. Got the 1st one already, Prince Caspian himself :)

Back to the movie I watched last night. It was Speed Racer. Actually to tell you the truth, there was not much of a choice as I have already watched Iron Man the Movie and Forbidden Kingdom. I am not a horror movie fan and none of the Chinese movies appealed. So, when I agreed to go for Speed Racer, I didn't have any expectations at all.

It was a rather interesting movie actually. I had no idea that it was going to be a Roger Rabbit kind of movie.. real life people with cartoonish backdrops. No cartoon characters here but a lot of the other stuff are quite unreal. The movie is actually adapted from a Japanese cartoon (back then, hardly anyone used the term anime) about racing. There is so much to read from Wiki if one is interested but I have never seen this cartoon but the music sounded somewhat familiar. Not sure where I have heard it but it is rather catchy.

Speed Race Soundtrack

The movie was entertaining. As I didn't really know who was acting in the show, to my delight, the first familiar face in the movie was Susan Sarandon. She is one of my favorite actors ever. She is Mom Racer (Speed Racer's Mom and she is one cool mom).

The 2nd familiar actor was John Goodman (Pop Racer). If you were to google him, you'll find that he has appeared in loads of movies. To me, he will always be Fred Flinstone ..

Then came Rain, Jeong Ji-hoon the Korean singer, actor. Wah.. this movie is getting better and better :). Wah... he very "chun" lah.. in his racer costume.. real eye candy for the girls (*grin).

Rain in his world tour

Rain in his racer suit in Speed Racer

To round it off, when Racer X unmasked himself, it was Matthew Fox. For those who have been following LOST, he is good old Doc Jack Shepherd.

Mmm.. what an interesting cast plus the movie is rather entertaining too. Worth every dollar for the ticket, as I didn't ever blink my eyes haha (unlike Forbidden Kingdom but a little kid was snoring away, 2 seats away from me...but he is only about 3 years old).

Go catch this with the family over the weekend. Highly entertaining :).

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Babe_KL said...

whoa i think my boiboi would loved this. he's oredi pestering us to go KFC for the lousy key chain toy!

twosuperheroes said...

ok...I get it..Y likes handsome, macho men! But then again, who doesn't??? Haha.. :p

Unknown said...

babe : yes..i think he will love this one.. much more than iron man..:)

supes : mmm..supe S.. you already have the best alredy...supe W..:)

kljs said...

When you take an old Japanese anime cartoon and make it into an American movie, you know it's going to suck....big time...

Unknown said...

hey kenny..this one is ok lah..really :)

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