Friday, April 18, 2008


This show ah die die also I will watch.... this "KAM...IN YOUR FACE". Yup, this is a musical/comedy show and several of my friends are in this production.. heehee.. this is the part where I start to ...ahem name drop...not that this is going to earn me a complimentary seat or anything. Maybe a wave from the stage.. maybe a hug off the stage... I take anything they throw at me.... preferably a feel meal after all the $$$ they rake in at the end of the show haha. My friends Jeremy Ho (Soon Yoon) and Fang Chyi are part of the team. Hope to get to know more of the actors and add them to my friends list after the show (*smirk*). Do pop by their very own blog too and you will see great behind-the-scenes photos... and some of their photos are really goofy photos (no insult to goofy.. but come to think of it, some of them were even more goofy than goofy himself *heehee*).

The synopsis for this was extracted from The Actors Studio.

Kam…In Your Face is a musical-comedy-cabaret combining song and dance, stand-up comedy and skits with a generous amount of local wit & humour, a spoonful of intellect a dash of Bollywood, a splice of rock n roll and disco, loads of fun and just enough of risqué to spice up the show. Joanne Kam, who is supported by her stellar cast of actors and dancers, will make you kam…in your face…with laughter! Starring: Joanne Kam, Douglas Lim, Susan Lankester, Fang Chyi, Ina Fabregas, Ho Soon Yoon, Malik Taufiq, Ash Nair & Gavin Yap Directed & Written by Joanne Kam & Gavin Yap Music Producers: John Darren Morelli & Reuben Valentine Choreographer: Jane Victor Soldberg Executive Producers: Joanne Kam & Angeline Teoh Presenter: Toniq Creative Management Sdn Bhd Dates & Times: 1-4, 6-11 May @ 8.30pm Tickets: RM62, RM82, RM102 (plus RM2 ticket fee) RM62 for students (with valid ID), 20% concession for sr. citizens Venue: TAS @ BSC

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