Monday, April 21, 2008

How You Can Have Your Own Japanese Meal at Home

I simply love Japanese Food but too much of it can "kill" your wallet *sob*. Then I found out that you cook your own Japanese meal at home and that would save you a little (but that could also depend on what you choose to cook). Let me see if I can recall how much I have spent on such a meal at home.

I made this simple fare at home but of course there were some dishes where I would not have a clue as to where to source for the raw product or how to make.

Ignoring the cost of the rice, sauces, seasonings and oil, lets have a look to see how much the meal did actually cost me.

2 eggs for the omelette (RM0.60)

Unagi bought from the supermarket (RM10.90)

Mackeral also from the supermarket (RM6.90)

2 packets of Miso Soup (RM2.60) from a large bag of 10s.

Prawns (RM6), baby squids(RM1.11), snow peas (RM1), 1 carrot (RM0.80) and some leftover capsicum cooked in Teriyaki sauce

Total cost of this meal was approximately RM30.00

Can lah.. but mind you, nothing fancy here.. just homemade and ready made food all the way :)

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Quickening said...

Hahaha, I usually just make a big basket of tempura (can't help it, especially the onions!). :D
Ate 'em like there's no veggies or shrimps tomorrow.

Sue said...

yozo...u like japanese food time i make sushi for u hahaha

Unknown said...

quickening: oh yeah.. forgot all about the that is really cruchie-ly heavenly food :)

sue: oh yes.. sushi..goody.. must arrange to come to class with you again

kljs said...

I only want the unagi.... gimmme!!!!

Unknown said...

haha kenny.. you sure know how to pick em.. i also want the unagi 1/2 1/2 lah

Y-Maeda said...

Hello nice to meet you.
KO-N-NI-CHI-WA (^_^)v
I am Japanese.
I saw your wonderful site.
Please link to this site !

Unknown said...

Ko-n-ni-chi-wa..y-maeda san.
Thank you for dropping by.
I went to your site but everything is in Japanese. Not able to read and understand. Why don't you put in a translator onto your blog. It would help :)