Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Day When Hell (Kuala Lumpur) Freezes Over

Ha ha.. when I first heard it, I didn't believe it. A friend mentioned it last week in passing and I really didn't think much of it. Then again I saw it in Facebook and seriously I thought to myself, haha..Asians, especially KLites, will be game to do this sort of thing meh..

Then I heard it over RED FM yesterday when the Radio DJs talked about the Freeze. Tried to search it in the newspapers but could not find it. And this morning, my friend Tobiyama sent this site over via MSN "The day Kuala Lumpur froze". Watched the video and wished I was there :(. It was so cool. Have a look at the video and at the same time, have a look at the same thing that was done in Grand Central Station and Trafalga Square. They are sooooo cool lah.

Kuala Lumpur Freezes in Unison

Frozen Grand Central

The Trafalga Square Freeze

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twosuperheroes said...

OMG.Hahah....that was so cute! :p

Unknown said...

heehee..don't you wish you were there too..

kljs said...

Sorry, good effort, but not good enough. FAIL for the KL Freeze....

The US Grand Central one was better coordinated....So, the WIN for US Grand Central and the people participating did it without shouting at the end... only the clueless bystanders was clapping.... they the "Frozen" just did it like it time really froze, but the KL one I could see people moving their eyes, and some even moved.

Badly coordinated. Good effort though. It's the facts. Shot me all you want, but if I was the organizing committee, I won't RUSH to do it, I would hold a few practice session first in some place else. Don't need to rush it.

It was badly done, since some people just enter the freezing phase..... which shouldn't been the case....... as you can compare it with the US Grand Central one.......



kljs said...

even the Trafalga Square was must better coordinated than the KL one.

Why am I so fussy about it? Well, look at it this way, you only get to do it once in the lifetime.... why do it so badly? Make a coordinated effort like the US Grand Central one, make it more memorable.... instead, they screw it up by rushing it. I would say this is like "Hey, they did it, let's do one too before others does it."
Kiasu lar......

Want to shot me? You know where to find me.

Unknown said...

very good observation kenny. i reckon the ones done at Grand Central and Trafalga Square was probably done by "experienced" coordinators. I don't even know who did the one in KL. i just got wind of it through Facebook. perhaps we'd do better in another city in Malaysia. or we could do another one at a landmark like KLCC, KL Sentral. just my 2sen :)