Friday, October 17, 2008

Send in the Clowns

Did I mention that I love all things cute and unusual?

I was walking around the Weld during lunch and decided to check the non-food outlets in the complex, which I hardly do these days, as lunch times are either spent watching seminars off the internet or gossiping and bitching with colleagues haha. But today, everyone seemed to be busy and had their own personal errands to run, which left me to spend lunch time on my own. Decided to pack some food from the hawkers who operate their stalls only on Fridays along Jalan Tengah and run back into the air conditioned complex to cool off.

I was walking on level 2 when I saw a sign which read "SALE".. haha.. that is like a magnet to me. The shop's name is "Southern Pottery" and it sells crockery and ornamental items. Most of the items are very interesting, with price ranging from very reasonable to the slightly upmarket and pricey stuff. As I was checking out the wares, I saw something very cute and I just had to get them. When I first saw them, I thought of cake toppers. They are simply something I must get... so I got.

Not one....

Not three....

But 5...even though 3 were of the same design. Well, they were only RM2 each.. and I will use them as cake toppers for a child's birthday cake. But definitely a big cake as the clowns are not exactly tiny.

Took this one next to the puncher to show the size of the clown. But look at the price tags.... RM2... what a steal

They still got plenty (for the moment) but some of the other designs which I didn't get was because the clown either looked too fierce or a little creepy..*brrr

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