Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Have Finally Seen The Light

It has been exactly 1 month since I graduated from the Entrepreneurs Action Program (EAP) Boot Camp and having involved myself in a small business with an eLearning Portal called SkyQuestCom (CEO, Richard Tan also owns Success Resources, the largest seminar organizer in Asia) with low startup capital, low risk and potentially high returns, I picked up my first cheque of RM420 for one week of effort. Nothing to shout about but a start nevertheless. I have also been invited to make a presentation to some workmates and condo mates (4 fellas and a couple with 2 children) of one of my business partner. These were complete strangers to me and it was really my pleasure meeting them. Anyway, after the presentation, 2 of them signed up, one of the fellas and the husband of the couple. They were convinced that it was something they wanted to have a go at. And I say to them, congratulations for having that belief in themselves.

As I was eating lunch just now, I was thinking to myself. I may have just started on this business but I am sure as hell going to make it the right one for me. And I have already seen the money coming back to me, so, this business is real and its potential is limitless. But when I tried to share this with my family members and friends and colleagues, some of them listened out of sheer politeness (being Asian, I reckon) but some will cook up all sorts of excuses to end the conversation or change the topic and if it was over the MSN or Yahoo chats, they just "hang up" on me ... sigh.....They are not even giving themselves a chance to listen to what could be an opportunity or a solution to them to create the extra income that they want. Not that I am going to walk up and hold them at knife point (nope... I don't have a license for a gun) to sign up. Just that chance to see if it was something that could be right for them.

Then it dawned on me. My family, my friends and my colleagues are not desperate people. They have a secured job (until retirement), they are happy with their lot (they can buy everything they want to without having to prioritize their money) and they really have no financial worries. That is why I have not been successful even up to the point where they want to give me 10 minutes of their time to listen to me.

The 2 persons who set up EAP, Jerome Tan and Wendy Quek. Now, those 2 were desperate people. Jerome was declared bankrupt in 1997 and Wendy was apparently retrenched. Now, when one is bankrupt or retrenched, that would definitely make a person desperate to listen to any opportunity opening and to decide which one will give them the best potential to redeem themselves. Jerome and Wendy are both multi millionaires today.

But is it necessary to be successful and rich only after one has been touched by adversity? Why can't one take it upon themselves to want to succeed before such a crisis happen? Then as I was listening to Dr Jeffrey Goh, one of Asia's leading success coach speak at a seminar, he told this story of 2 monks crossing a river. Half way through the river, the older monk, who was walking in front, turned around and with both hands on the younger, shorter monk's head, pushed the younger monk's head under water. After letting the younger monk struggle frantically for a while, the older monk released the younger monk. The younger monk immediately jumped up, sputtering. Then the older monk asked the younger monk "During the time whilst you were under, were you trying your hardest and using whatever method you can think of to come up for air".

The younger monk answered, still heaving "But of course. It is a matter of my survival". The older monk said "If only you worked as hard in every facet of life, you would be extremely successful" and he turned around and continued walking.

Now I have understood. Only when people are desperate, when they are almost at their limits, then will they decide to take action to better the life they are in. If my family, friends and colleagues are happy and contented with what life is offering them now, it is with my sincerest wish that they continue to be happy and contented for the rest of their lives. I will only seek out those who are either desperately needing that helping hand or those who want to do have that chance to value add to their current financial situation, be it for themselves or for their family. I HAVE FINALLY SEEN THE LIGHT!

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HI, i have a extract the story of the 2 monk crossing the river to my blog(5centscoin). I hope you don't mind.