Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tutors - to be one or looking for one?

It has always been my opinion that there are mainly 2 types of businesses that can withstand the worse economic climates….businesses that are related in some way to superstitious beliefs and to education. Man (and Woman) has always been known to turn to miracles and quick fix-its in his (her) hour of need and this is the time when many would probably be exploited into purchasing all sorts of paraphernalia, ranging from magic money attracting rocks to power/money attracting energy stickers. But who am I to say that it is wrong to believe? Its each man for himself.

The other business that seems to be able to weather all storms, economic or otherwise is education. Parents have been known to cut down on many expenses so as to scrape enough to ensure that their children have the chance to pursue a good education for they know that this is the most important key to their children’s future. The most precious gift a parent can give to his child is the ability to equip him with the education and knowledge to face life head on.

These days, when money is getting to be a precious commodity, finding the right source of education is of utmost importance. Education obtain from schools are already a given as sometimes our choice of which school to place our children is determined by our residential address. This is only logical as it would not be feasible to send our children to a very good and reputable school in Petaling Jaya when we are living at the far end of Cheras.

But when it comes to alternative forms of education source, parents these days have more say in their selection of the best tutor for the child. Sometimes, parents check with each other to get reference to the better tutors. Of course some arbitrarily select tutors from newspapers or pamphlets posted on the light poles in their residential area. But that can be risky business. How do we know we can trust our children in the hands of these people? We cannot be with them the entire time during the tuition. How do we know if the tutor is not some pedophile? It can be rather worrying, don’t you think?

If there was an opportunity for a parent to do some credibility checking on a tutor, would they be any takers? I would think for sure there will be. What if there was an independent team of people who would evaluate and assess the credibility and the capability of a tutor? Would parents find it helpful? Well, there is exactly one website that does this. This website MyLearningFriend.com does precisely that. It is started up by 2 very good friends and they are people of high credibility themselves.

Their web portal MyLearningFriend.com offers parents and students the best platform to look for home tutors, especially for UPSR, PMR, SPM and STPM across Malaysia. I would think that this is something many parents have been waiting for a long time for.

There is also a good part to this portal. It is also for people who would like to make tutoring one of their income sources too. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the “Search for Jobs” button and looked up their available opportunity. Saw this one which I really liked – 1-to-1 Home Tuition -English (Pre-school) [NON-ACADEMIC] to a little girl. If only she stayed near my house, I would love to take this opportunity up. Oh well, there'll be other opportunities.

I am sure this is going to be a really useful portal for parents, students and tutors (or tutors-to-be like mua) for each of their own individual needs. Quick, go have a peek.

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twosuperheroes said...

Haha...come to think about it, good side income as a tutor eh, dear Y! :p I've got a friend who earns more than RM2k doing part-time tutoring alone!

swyj said...
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swyj said...

Wow, 2K for part time tutoring? Are you kidding me twosuperheroes? Intro this friend to us so that I can be his/her disciple.
By the way, if there is any tutoring job, do not forget to tell us. I may want to be 100% home tutor then...hahaha....

Unknown said...

supes: oh yes.. tutoring can be a very good side income plus the satisfaction of helping children do better is their studies :D

swyj: yes, do pop in the website every now and then.. i am sure there is something for everyone :)... have a good day

Anonymous said...

Great post – I love your blog!