Monday, June 16, 2008

Durian Bombs

I was walking along the 5-foot way near MPPJ on Friday doing my errands when I saw a poster which read "Durian Bombs". Mmmm.. durian..that was the magic word for me. Went into the shop, was rather excited at the thought seeing what these bombs were. Left my handphone in the car, so I was not able to take the poster outside the shop but it looked similar to what they had on the box.

Oh this is one of the outlets or were they distributors of the goodies that Babe told me about a long time ago... Restaurant Sri Karak.

They had quite a good spread of pastries and breads but my intention was to go in to try the durian bomb and their durian tart. But when I looked at their siew pow and egg tart, I decided to get one of each to go. The clever salesperson who served me said "Miss, if you get another 2 pieces, we'll put them in a nice box for you". Sigh.. ok lah.. picked up a chicken pie and a curry puff.

The tiny little round thing at the top right hand corner was the durian bomb. It was so tiny and it looked nowhere near how I imagined a bomb should look like.

The pastry looked a little like the yam puff but the pastry was not as crispy or light. When I broke open the bomb, I was rather disappointed. The filling was so little that you better not breath too hard or it might just fly off.

Durian Bomb

I think it would have been better to stick to their durian tart. They didn't have the durian puff. Perhaps that too would have been better than the durian bomb.

Durian tart

Overall, I was rather disappointed with the pastries there. The siew pow's filling was dry and the rest were average, at best.

I am not sure if the prices of these pastries were cheaper than other places. If they are, then perhaps that could explain their quality :(

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard about durian bomb. ...funny name. It looks so tiny. Mana ada bomb!

Unknown said...

yah lor.. so small hor.. they should have called it durian bullet buahaha

tasy said...

I've tried that some years back, bought from the outlet in Gohtong Jaya. And that was also the last try. Not my cuppa. Real kampung durians remains the no. 1 favorite. And speaking of that, they are all over the place now, and I should be having another round today as well! Haha.. thanks for reminding! (indirectly)

Unknown said...

hi gargies.. i agree with you that real kampung durians are the best :). maybe we should trying making some homemade durian pastries? what say you :)

Sue said...

nancy jie...this Yik Kee aka Sri karak, the siew bao was very good 30over years ago, famous one in cannot eat liao lor,the kaya swiss roll is nice but still cannot beat Yut Kee's one haha

Unknown said...

i am really sorry to say that nothing that i bought really tastes exceptionally good. At best, only average :(

Sue said...

seremban siew bao 100x tastes better

Unknown said...

i definitely agree that seremban siew bao is better but they were the best when they first started. These days also shrinking in size and also a case of "tow kong kam liew" - reducing both workmanship and ingredients :(

tasy said...

I don't know how to make durian pastries, as before I can turn the durian into tarts, it's all in my tummy liao!

Agree that seremban pao's not very good now. Very dry to me.

Unknown said...

haha..i think most of us have that problem of eating up all the durians before we can turn them into tarts :)... but durians are best eaten fresh.. as it should be :)

. said...

What D number is the Mao Shan Wang durian?
Is this next link, the best 'Durian Blogspot'?
Isn't cloned/cultivar durian,eg D1,Kunyit etc , better flavour than Kampung durian?
Raw Durian is healthier than any cooked durian.

Unknown said...

hi FatHer.. i really don't know that much about durians except that they are really a God sent fruit .. wah.. i can almost smell and taste the fruit as i am replying to your comment :D