Thursday, August 28, 2008


My friend has just sent me an invitation to attend a Cashflow 101 Board Game this weekend. Geez.. I have not played this game and the last time I played Monopoly was when there was no HAZE in Malaysia haha.. yeah.. that long ago. Anyway, I asked him if it was anything like Monopoly and his reply was "Not exactly. This is a game that every potential business-minded person should play and will enjoy". Mmm.. should I give it a try? Visited some sites and it looked kind of interesting. Perhaps I will.. since I am aspiring to move on from a being a mere Employee to becoming an Entrepreneur ..... SOON!.

If you are interested to come and have a look, this is the mail with the venue which I have just received. I thought .... what's the worse that can happen... I might lose the game, but I will definitely win some new friends there :)

Want to "Play" your way to healthy finances? Join us and play the Cashflow 101 Board Game!

You may have heard of Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow board game through his Rich Dad Poor Dad series. But to those not familiar, it is a board game akin to Monopoly, but deals with more advanced topics such as business, stocks and real estate. More than anything, it lets players realize their money habits and their sense of business risk. The game is very educational as it prepares your mindset when you go out in the real world on your path to financial freedom.

The game will give us learning on:

1) Basic fundamental of investment;

2) Different vehicles available for you to invest i.e real estate, stocks, businesses and how to create your investment portfolio;

3) How to manage your Cashflow;

4) How to negotiate deals;

5) Understanding figures as in good return of your investment;

6) What the rich invest in that the common people don't;

7) How to leverage on other people money and time;

8) What are assets and liabilites;

9) How to build multi-millions from a small income and many many more.

We are fortunate to bring Cashflow game here in PJ Menara Jaya Condo opposite Millenium Square this Aug 30 (2pm - 6pm) Saturday and Aug 31 Sunday (2pm - 6pm).

Tickets are at RM37 per session, snacks are included.

Contact me at 016-2763285 for details.

This is a limited seating engagement.

See you then!

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tasy said...

OH, my hubby played this board game before. He said it's rather boring, though it's quite a good mock training for investment and finance management.

Anonymous said...

Seems quite interesting and informative!

Adrianifero said...

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Anonymous said...

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