Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Emblems - Past, Present & Future

My mum is hopefully on the road to recovery and thanks to all those wonderful people who called, sms-ed, emailed and placed their comments on my blogs with their warm wishes. I totally appreciate all your kindness and concern for a lady, my mother, whom many of you have not met. Again, thank you.

Well, life has to go on.. and so does blogging. Ha Ha.. it has been rather torturous to come by each day and have no time or mood to even put down a word. I did not even have time to read in detail some of the mails I had received since Monday but I do remember this one which I thought was rather interesting. A friend sent me pictures of all Olympic Logos since 1896 and some of them are rather interesting. Ha Ha.. and I noticed that the picture of the gentleman Olympian is always artfully covered for "good taste"? mmmm... but I also noticed that the Olympians moved from fully dressed to the hilt, from neck down to the ankles, to t-shirt and shorts to .... ahem.. NAKED.. back to shorts and now the athletes are wearing those aerodynamic suits. See, didn't I tell you that fashion trends are cyclical :D

(Those missing years must have been the War years)


And the next Olympics 2012 will be held in London, UK ...

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