Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travel Accommodation Made Easy

Recently, I made a trip down south to Johor Bahru with a friend and we were looking for a place to stay. We tried to ask some friends and look through the internet to source for a reasonably priced hotel, which was also near the causeway to Singapore. We did find several websites but most of them were not were not what we wanted. The rates were definitely not what we can afford as they were all in US dollars and after conversion, we could not afford to stay even in a hotel with a minimum star rating. Furthermore, there were insufficient information, such as photos and maps of the hotel at some of the sites. We had to do another search to find if the hotel had their own website to find out more information.

Anyway, my friend JW came up with a suggested website which was pretty good and we managed to make a bookings for a hotel room at the site. But last week, I came across this website WuTravel.com. If only I had seen it earlier, it would have solved a lot of my time searching for a place to stay.

This site has a very extensive list of hotels in the many countries in the Asia Pacific Region and just for the fun of it, I even searched down their list of hotels in Malaysia and I can find a hotel in Gerik.... haha.. I am sure some of us Malaysians may not even know where Gerik is. I am quite impressed with this site. The site provides Hotel details, Photos, Rates and even Maps, which I must say is quite complete and adequate for any traveler. I am sure that the next time I travel, whether it is within Malaysia or around Asia Pacific, WuTravel.com is definitely my first stop.

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