Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Books and CDs to give away

I was up in Genting Highlands not too long ago and I noticed that there was this little stall that is at the foyer of Genting's First World Hotel. This stall is, my guess, a husband & wife business and they sell a lot of motivational books. They also sell audio CDs as well. I understand why they are there as a friend told me that Genting's First World is like a meeting place for a lot of companies running their events and a lot of multi-level marketing companies.

I decided to walk over and 'KPC' (check them out). The wife was there (wo)manning the stall and she is very friendly.... full of advice. The stall was a long table measuring about 10ft by 5 ft and there were books in English, Malay and Chinese. Obviously there was a space constrain here. She was selling her books in packages of RM100 for 4 (or RM39 for each), RM100 for 3 (or RM50 for each) and some were more expensive, going up to RM99 for a book. But upon coming down to the bookshops in Kuala Lumpur when I got back, I found that her books were quite reasonable but only problem is, like I say, limited space, which meant that it was rather difficult to choose 4 books which you wanted from the few to select from.

I got 2 books and managed to get her to give it to me for RM50 as after half an hour, I still could not get another 2 to take up the RM100 offer. When I got back, I found that one of the books were not as useful or applicable to me :(.

I was wondering, for those who reads self development books or business improvement books, what should the selection criteria be for selecting an good personal development book? Is it just by the author? Some of the books like the "One Minute Manager", that is a old book. Should one still read these books? Are they outdated? Mmmm.. .could anyone advice me? Or do you have friends who reads, perhaps they could give me some tips? I do have several of these books which I have bought in the past. Some are better than others, and some are virtually untouched after the first few chapters. Would appreciate any advice on this. WHY? Ha Ha.. I am now in this phase of wanting to improve myself, time for a little self development.

I have some CDs and Books which I would like to give away as I have either listened to them or read them or not going to do either. So, if you are interested, do also let me know. There is this CD that I bought, "How to Succeed in Business" worth RM38, which is quite interesting. A good friend later gave me this same CD title as a gift. So, I want to give away mine to anyone who is interested. Just drop me a comment or a mail for the list of Books and CDs that I have to give away. First come first serve yeah. But please, only those who are genuinely interested in reading them and not to be used as door stoppers need write in.... haha.

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Anonymous said...

that is a very nice gesture...
maybe you could give them away at my Malaysia classifieds community

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've also got books to give away. Maybe I should post the offer in my blog as well.

I used to buy books based on the titles only to discover that the content is all fluff and not suitable.

These days I only buy a book where the author is a well known expert in a specific area. The most important test for me is whether the advice in the book is practical or can be easily put into practice in Malaysia. A lot of techniques advocated in western based self improvement books are not practical or is difficult to apply in the Asian environment.

Anyway, there are only a few basic success principles in business, relationships, sales, marketing etc - everything else are just fluff. Learning and applying the fundamentals very well is the major challenge.

BTW, you have an interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

The Malaysian Life

Unknown said...

syiok: My Malaysia classifieds community? I will search for them on the internet. thank you for your suggestion syiok.

The Malaysian Life: That is true as sometimes, the circumstances and situations just do not happen in our part of the world. I personally like Robert Kiyosaki's books, Brian Tracy and Allan Pease. Thanks for the compliment and the encouragement on my blog.. have a great week ya!

owner said...

what are the books u are giving away. im intrested in the Brian Tracy Benelux.

Unknown said...

hi phiku. oh, i don't have that particular one. sorry

Sue said...

nancy jie...i m interested in the cd 'how to succeed in business :)

Unknown said...

Hi sue.. sure.. i still have that one available. Let me pass it to you :)