Thursday, August 28, 2008


My friend has just sent me an invitation to attend a Cashflow 101 Board Game this weekend. Geez.. I have not played this game and the last time I played Monopoly was when there was no HAZE in Malaysia haha.. yeah.. that long ago. Anyway, I asked him if it was anything like Monopoly and his reply was "Not exactly. This is a game that every potential business-minded person should play and will enjoy". Mmm.. should I give it a try? Visited some sites and it looked kind of interesting. Perhaps I will.. since I am aspiring to move on from a being a mere Employee to becoming an Entrepreneur ..... SOON!.

If you are interested to come and have a look, this is the mail with the venue which I have just received. I thought .... what's the worse that can happen... I might lose the game, but I will definitely win some new friends there :)

Want to "Play" your way to healthy finances? Join us and play the Cashflow 101 Board Game!

You may have heard of Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow board game through his Rich Dad Poor Dad series. But to those not familiar, it is a board game akin to Monopoly, but deals with more advanced topics such as business, stocks and real estate. More than anything, it lets players realize their money habits and their sense of business risk. The game is very educational as it prepares your mindset when you go out in the real world on your path to financial freedom.

The game will give us learning on:

1) Basic fundamental of investment;

2) Different vehicles available for you to invest i.e real estate, stocks, businesses and how to create your investment portfolio;

3) How to manage your Cashflow;

4) How to negotiate deals;

5) Understanding figures as in good return of your investment;

6) What the rich invest in that the common people don't;

7) How to leverage on other people money and time;

8) What are assets and liabilites;

9) How to build multi-millions from a small income and many many more.

We are fortunate to bring Cashflow game here in PJ Menara Jaya Condo opposite Millenium Square this Aug 30 (2pm - 6pm) Saturday and Aug 31 Sunday (2pm - 6pm).

Tickets are at RM37 per session, snacks are included.

Contact me at 016-2763285 for details.

This is a limited seating engagement.

See you then!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Books and CDs to give away

I was up in Genting Highlands not too long ago and I noticed that there was this little stall that is at the foyer of Genting's First World Hotel. This stall is, my guess, a husband & wife business and they sell a lot of motivational books. They also sell audio CDs as well. I understand why they are there as a friend told me that Genting's First World is like a meeting place for a lot of companies running their events and a lot of multi-level marketing companies.

I decided to walk over and 'KPC' (check them out). The wife was there (wo)manning the stall and she is very friendly.... full of advice. The stall was a long table measuring about 10ft by 5 ft and there were books in English, Malay and Chinese. Obviously there was a space constrain here. She was selling her books in packages of RM100 for 4 (or RM39 for each), RM100 for 3 (or RM50 for each) and some were more expensive, going up to RM99 for a book. But upon coming down to the bookshops in Kuala Lumpur when I got back, I found that her books were quite reasonable but only problem is, like I say, limited space, which meant that it was rather difficult to choose 4 books which you wanted from the few to select from.

I got 2 books and managed to get her to give it to me for RM50 as after half an hour, I still could not get another 2 to take up the RM100 offer. When I got back, I found that one of the books were not as useful or applicable to me :(.

I was wondering, for those who reads self development books or business improvement books, what should the selection criteria be for selecting an good personal development book? Is it just by the author? Some of the books like the "One Minute Manager", that is a old book. Should one still read these books? Are they outdated? Mmmm.. .could anyone advice me? Or do you have friends who reads, perhaps they could give me some tips? I do have several of these books which I have bought in the past. Some are better than others, and some are virtually untouched after the first few chapters. Would appreciate any advice on this. WHY? Ha Ha.. I am now in this phase of wanting to improve myself, time for a little self development.

I have some CDs and Books which I would like to give away as I have either listened to them or read them or not going to do either. So, if you are interested, do also let me know. There is this CD that I bought, "How to Succeed in Business" worth RM38, which is quite interesting. A good friend later gave me this same CD title as a gift. So, I want to give away mine to anyone who is interested. Just drop me a comment or a mail for the list of Books and CDs that I have to give away. First come first serve yeah. But please, only those who are genuinely interested in reading them and not to be used as door stoppers need write in.... haha.

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Travel Accommodation Made Easy

Recently, I made a trip down south to Johor Bahru with a friend and we were looking for a place to stay. We tried to ask some friends and look through the internet to source for a reasonably priced hotel, which was also near the causeway to Singapore. We did find several websites but most of them were not were not what we wanted. The rates were definitely not what we can afford as they were all in US dollars and after conversion, we could not afford to stay even in a hotel with a minimum star rating. Furthermore, there were insufficient information, such as photos and maps of the hotel at some of the sites. We had to do another search to find if the hotel had their own website to find out more information.

Anyway, my friend JW came up with a suggested website which was pretty good and we managed to make a bookings for a hotel room at the site. But last week, I came across this website If only I had seen it earlier, it would have solved a lot of my time searching for a place to stay.

This site has a very extensive list of hotels in the many countries in the Asia Pacific Region and just for the fun of it, I even searched down their list of hotels in Malaysia and I can find a hotel in Gerik.... haha.. I am sure some of us Malaysians may not even know where Gerik is. I am quite impressed with this site. The site provides Hotel details, Photos, Rates and even Maps, which I must say is quite complete and adequate for any traveler. I am sure that the next time I travel, whether it is within Malaysia or around Asia Pacific, is definitely my first stop.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic Mascots

I feel like a (wo)man on the last leg of the race.. the race before the end of the Beijing Olympics. I wanted to read and search for all things regarding the Olympics before they dim the fire this weekend for the next 4 years, before it is set aflame in its full splendor again in London. From all the information regarding Olympics, I find the writeup on the history about their mascots the most interesting to me. Perhaps it is my love for all things cute and cuddly. As I post this, I am still quite undecided as to which mascot I love the best... such a difficult decision....I love them all.... They are from the summer games, the winter games and also the paralympics.

Waldi - mascot of 1972 Olympic Summer Games

The mascot of Innsbruck 1976 is a snowman and I think they forgot to give it a name :(

Amik - mascot of the 1976 Olympic Summer Games. By the way, Amik is a beaver :)

Roni, the Racoon is Lake Placid 1980 Mascot.

Misha - mascot of the 1980 Olympic Summer Games

This cutey pie "Vuchko", the tough and courageous wolf, is Sarajevo 1984's mascot.

Sam - mascot of the 1984 Olympic Summer Games

This is Howdy and Hidy, a brother and sister polar bears, mascots for Calgary 1988.

Hodori - mascot of the 1988 Olympic Summer Games

This is the mascot from Albertville 1992. His name is Magique, a half-man, half-star

"Cobi" as official mascot of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

These are the mascots of Lillehammer 1994, "Haakon and Kristin", two small Norwegian children in traditional costumes

Izzy - mascot of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games

These are the mascots of Nagano 1998. These are the Snow Owlets - Sukki, Nokki, Lekki and Tsukki.

Syd, Olly and Millie - mascots of the 2000 Olympic Summer Games

These are the mascots of Salt Lake City 2002. They are Powder, Copper and Coal. They stand for FASTER, HIGHER & STRONGER, the Olympic Motto. Read more about them here
This is Otto, the otter, the mascot for the Salt Lake City 2002 Paralympic Winter Games

Proteas - mascot for the Athens 2004 Paralympics Summer Games

Athena and Phevos - mascots of the 2004 Olympic Summer Games

Winter Olympics in Turin 2006 welcomes Neve and Gliz!

And finally, the Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

in short, all these Fuwas were greating you "Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni"... Beijing Welcomes You..... awww.... I love them all....

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Olympic Emblems - Past, Present & Future

My mum is hopefully on the road to recovery and thanks to all those wonderful people who called, sms-ed, emailed and placed their comments on my blogs with their warm wishes. I totally appreciate all your kindness and concern for a lady, my mother, whom many of you have not met. Again, thank you.

Well, life has to go on.. and so does blogging. Ha Ha.. it has been rather torturous to come by each day and have no time or mood to even put down a word. I did not even have time to read in detail some of the mails I had received since Monday but I do remember this one which I thought was rather interesting. A friend sent me pictures of all Olympic Logos since 1896 and some of them are rather interesting. Ha Ha.. and I noticed that the picture of the gentleman Olympian is always artfully covered for "good taste"? mmmm... but I also noticed that the Olympians moved from fully dressed to the hilt, from neck down to the ankles, to t-shirt and shorts to .... ahem.. NAKED.. back to shorts and now the athletes are wearing those aerodynamic suits. See, didn't I tell you that fashion trends are cyclical :D

(Those missing years must have been the War years)


And the next Olympics 2012 will be held in London, UK ...

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