Friday, December 19, 2008

Movie - Ip Man

I went to watch Ip Man last nite. In fact, I was so kiasu about not getting the tickets that I rushed off to Sunway TGV on Wednesday immediately after work to get the tickets. Got very good seats as I think some may not have remembered that Ip Man started screening yesterday.

It is one of the better shows I have seen this entire year, if not the best one for me. The movie was so rich with everything for every one. Naturally, it is a movie rich with the technical kung fu stuff, but it had history and human values in it too. There was a little subtle humor thrown in too. It was truly a movie worth watching again and again. I am going to wait for the original DVD to come out to buy and keep. None of the el cheepo pirated one for me here :D.

Pop by to my earlier posts Ip Man - The Wing Chun Master to Bruce Lee for the Trailer and some other info.

I have yet another YouTube Video to share here

For those who are fans of Donnie Yen, this is one his man websites... enjoy!

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