Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sepi, The MOVIE

I have always got a soft spot for our local Malaysian performing artistes, whether they are actors, singers, dancers or whatever. One of my favorite local male actors is definitely Afdlin Shauki. Apparently he is also a musician too but I think I know him better from his movies and TV shows. Plus his appearances in the Actorlympics stage performances. Never fails to put a smile on my face with his works. Watched his Sumolah in the cinema and later bought the VCD from Speedy to watch again. Thoroughly enjoyed that one :).

His latest movie Sepi's trailer was shown on NTV7 almost 2 weekends ago and I have already decided then that I wanted to watch this movie. Whilst at Min's place last Sunday, they were also playing the trailer on TV9. Finally managed to catch it yesterday nite.

The story talks about the lives of 3 individuals in the city, their views and perspectives on love, life and loneliness. Each life if viewed on its own is nothing spectacular, it is probably not even interesting to say the least. But, having the lives of these 3 individuals meet at a highly explosive moment in time makes it all come together. The way the entire story was weaved together is achieving the tapestry of life which another movie tried to do "Jarum Halus" but which failed totally. Nearly wanted to walk of that one, but as there were only a total of 4 people (me included) watching the show, didn't want to be mean about it, so, forced myself to sit through to the end.

I was still thinking about the show this morning as I was coming to work and I realize that there is a movie with a similar theme about different people whose lives have never crossed, and may never cross again, except for that one moment. That movie if I am not mistake is "Babel" staring Brad Pitt.

I would say I truly enjoyed watching Sepi and if Min is reading this, must watch Min... so many facets to life being depicted in this movie. Will wait for the VCD to come out :)

Sepi's official site
Afdlin's blog Selambakodok's House

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