Friday, July 25, 2008

A Hero and A Villain in Each of Us?

Mmm.. when I read this " In every Hero, there could be a Villain.....", it made me think of Christian Bale aka Batman in Batman Returns. Unless you have been out of circulation, the newspapers, the radio and the internet have all written about the purported assault by Mr Bale on his mum and his sister, just a day before the premier of his latest movie. Well, sometimes, families do the stupidest things to the people who loves them. Anyway, Christian has requested for privacy on this family issue, so, let us give in to the man to solve his personal problems k?

Actually, my post is intended to remind all Heroes (the series) supporters that our favorite TV series is surely but truly coming back.

The marketing line reads ....

Heroes Returns!
In every Hero, there could be a Villain. Heroes returns this Fall!

It will be premiering on the 22nd of September this year in US and I simply cannot wait for the time when we can get it here (hint hint to a certain person called Deric haha).

Apparently, there is a short trailer here, but I cannot play now.. (working time... shhhh... will play it later at home).

WAH.. I am counting the days until Heroes arrives......

btw Deric... heehee.. for the Food Exchange Programs (where I am concerned), you don't have to bake, boil, saute anything for the entire Heroes 3rd season. Just gimme .... you know lah...okie heehee

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Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of HEROES series! OMG.. i cant wait!! 22nd Sept is an important date for me now! heheh:)

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!! I've been waiting until hair turn gray liao. Hahaha

Unknown said...

iris: oh yeah.. but that date is for US' audience...but i am in KL...wahhhh..lagi have to wait how long wor...

che-cheh: haha.. good things come to those who wait lor...have a great weekend :)