Thursday, July 31, 2008

Horrible Intense Gastric Pains

Wow.. this morning was really agony for me. When I got up, I already started to feel some rumblings and twinges of pain running through my abdominal area. I knew that something was not right already. Even before I went to brush my teeth, I went to rummaged the medicine cabinet, took out 2 gastric pills and swallowed them with some water.

Went into the kitchen, put in some rice to be steamed in the brand new pressure cooker that I bought and whilst waiting for the rice to cook, took out the nori sheets, the sushi mat, the bonito, sesame seeds stuff that I used in the previous Bento #3 and suddenly, I felt this horrible cramp. Cold sweat broke out....sheeezzzz... went back to lie down on my stomach. Nope the pain was not going away.

The rice was ready as the timer which I set sounded. Dragged myself out of the bed. Went into the kitchen, decided that I still have to finish the bento but was not going to make rolls or fried eggs or anything too complicated as the pain was really killing me.

Took out the packet of chicken floss that I bought, placed it on a plate, poured some teriyaki sauce over it and mixed it up a little.

Put back the bamboo mat and took out the onigiri moulds and the small pieces of nori sheets. Seasoned the rice with some rice vinegar and a little salt. Used the chicken floss as fillings and as I was doing this , I was still breaking out in cold sweat.

Given any other day, I would have called in office and told them that I was going to the doctor and hopefully get a medical leave or worse case, take an emergency leave. But I could not do that as I had another of those meeting/presentation in the afternoon. I really had no appetite for rice or anything for that matter. So, this bento went to Tobiyama and his brother, who were going to a reiki class in the morning. They would probably eat this in the car for breakfast.

One more thing, Tobiyama has recently gone for sessions of alternative healing himself and he is also a level 2 reiki practitioner. I am also a level 2 reiki practitioner but there was a difference when he channeled healing energy to me. I did it to myself this morning but the pain lessened whilst I had my hand on my abdomen. Tobiyama did it for about 10 minutes, and in less than 5 minutes after that, I started puking. Every drop of water that I had taken in since I got up in the morning was ejected out of my body (via the mouth only..luckily). But I felt tremendous relief immediately. The pain was there but much more manageable. Mmmm.. some would say that it was the gastric medicine kicking in.. but me... I give credit to Tobiyama and his healing capabilities.

I think I know what did me in this morning.... it was my fruit tarts... those *@##@#* fruit tarts. Remember I mentioned that I made them for 2 friends birthday.. but I saved 2 for myself.. which I have forgotten to eat until last night. Ate one yesterday. Tasted ok. But this morning, I checked on the last one and there were molds on top of the blueberries... YUCKS!!! I think I must have eaten mold last night.. sheeesh... must check before eating the next time.

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Babe_KL said...

ouch, i hope you're better now

twosuperheroes said...

Oh gosh... Hopefully you're all ritey now. Sounded pretty bad eh. :(

Unknown said...

babe and supes: thank you.. i am much better now.. the puking did help, plus the Actal. Being Friday helps too.. haha.

allthingspurple said...

i got to admire your determination to finish your bento despite your gastric pain. hope you are better now.

Unknown said...

thank you for your concern allthingspurple.. i am feeling much better today :). it was thinking of all you bento bloggers that kept me going.. i visit all your blogs least Mondays to Fridays..too lazy to switch on the PC during the weekends :). have a great weekend yeah..hugz!

kljs said...

Yeah, puking everything out of the body does the trick most of the time.

Next time don't eat over night food. You might never know that it has gone bad or something like that...

Unknown said...

okie kenny.. i will be more careful with over night food in future. now i know that the fridge does not keep away moulds :(

allthingspurple said...

Hey Nancy, I saw this article and thought of you. (not that I relate you to gastric pain, haha)

but it will be useful if you have gastric pain again in the future!

Unknown said...

thanks a lot christene. i am going to check the post and make a note of it :D

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