Monday, July 28, 2008

My Fav 10 or 11

I was at Sunway Pyramid on Saturday, just walking around when I suddenly saw this rather peculiar sight. It was quite interesting to watch these blokes stand there unmoving. Cannot help myself but to capture some shots of them.

Was wondering how long they had to hold the pose as I think it might be fun for a minute or so.. but as time goes by, it will be rather tiring and painful on some parts of the body. This guy seemed to have gone all cock-eyed hahaha...

This one will probably have a crick in the neck...

As I walked away, I was wondering, the advert was for 10 fav numbers.. how come they are all blokes? Could not get the girls to pose like this and have their faces and bodies covered with golden colored gunk? And how come they are all cutie chaps? Unlike the competitor's TV advert where their 11 favorite numbers consists of a nerd cousin (the one who cannot catch anything except a cold), another nerd cousin who takes time out to eat (sotong) balls and I think there were a few other funny ones. That would have been a true picture as most of our fav people to call would be that brickhead of a brother, the whacko sister-in-law ...haha.. i am going to be really dead if they read this post :p

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