Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Meal at Lisa Spaghetti

It is quite usual for me to do one last check on my Google Reader for updates by my favorite bloggers before I log off from work every evening and as I was doing that, I reminded myself to go to my dear superheroes blog to check out the exact address to that wonderful spaghetti place they posted a couple of days back. Ah yes.... Lisa Spaghetti at ss15 Subang Jaya.

The place was very easy to find as I have seen it before but it has never occurred to me to give it a try. See the power bloggers have on us, or is it the power of these two superhero bloggers have on me haha.... (where food is concerned lah). When we got there, it was about 8ish. Was rather quiet when we arrived. Perhaps all normal folks would have eaten by that time.

Quite a good selection but I wanted to try what superheroW had, the Hot Plate Princess (greedy mah.. and the quantity looked just about right to me...*grins*). I must agree, the Hot Plate Princess is a real good deal.

Hot Plate Princess (RM8.80)

We also ordered their Stew Spaghetti, their latest addition, the Hotplate Lamb Chop, Mushroom Soups and serve of Oyster Mushroom.

Stew Spaghetti (RM5.80)

The Stew Spaghetti really had that home cooked look and taste to it. Something that mum could have dished up, no frills but yummy and healthy.

Hotplate Lamb Chop (RM12.80)

The Hotplate Lamb Chop is a real steal..only at RM12:80... where to get lah, except if you were to cook it at home but then you've got to wash all the "ka chang" (cooking utensils) after that. Here, you just literally "soo see fatt" (brush your behind) and walk off after a great meal (pay first lah else the uncle there might wop you on the head with his frying pan).

The mushroom soup and the oyster mushrooms did not disappoint at all. Very appetizing, as what appetizers should be.

Mushroom Soup (RM2.50)

Oyster Mushroom (RM3.90)

A lovely meal but the best is yet to come.

When we asked for the bill, the Uncle came to us and asked if we were bloggers (I didn't realize that he caught me taking pictures of all the yummy food). We admitted we are and he smiled and said, oh do you know KY? WOW!... KY... do I know him...why he is also one of my favorite foodie bloggers in my Google Reader list... but sadly, I am not sure if KY knows me for the (again Chinese saying here *grins*) "low sui" I am. (yikes.. low sui means mouse... but I've got the appetite of a cow - all 4 stomachs).

Naturally I nodded... heehee.. I do know KY.. luckily he didn't ask me if KY knew me. Then Uncle said "Then I will give you a discount". WAAAAAHHHHH ......

We got our butts off our chair and followed him to the counter. And that is when we saw a colored, printed, laminated copy of KY's post. WAAAHHH.... . Got to chatting with Uncle and Auntie (Mr & Mrs Chan) and they told us how they started this place after their retirement and Mrs Chan added that since these recipes were proven to be such a success with her family, she decided to share them with many. And what better location than this area (their outlet is just opposite Taylor's College). This is basically a "students" area and many of them are probably not local to Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya. Imagine having good yummy nutritious home-cooked food just outside your college. Mr & Mrs Chan are real parents at heart. They told us that they have a teenage girl who is really interested in pursuing a career in music and singing. And as concerned parents, they really want to know if there are any potential in this career line. So, anyone who wants to give Mr & Mrs Chan a little advice in this and at the same time, get to eat good food, do drop by their place.

Remember, if Mr & Mrs Chan forgets to ask you, just say... " .... by the way hor, I know KY wor!! "... teehee.. better than carrying a discount card leh...btw.. thanks KY for the discount. Uncle gave us 10% discount off our bill and he reminded Mrs Chan a couple of times until I think she'll probably sock it to him after we've left.

Aunty Mrs Chan is the less camera-shy one. Uncle Mr Chan refused to let me take a shot of him posing under their signage... not even with Mrs Chan accompanying him. To catch a glimpse of him, go to KY's blog... he was caught on candid :)

This is what the Chinese would say "Pian, Lian, Chen" - literally translated to me "Cheap, Presentable, Yummy" :). We are definitely going back ... soon!

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twosuperheroes said... happy that you liked the foodie there, dear Y! Haha. You even got a, should've told the uncle that we know KY also to get the 10% off. Haha. :p

Unknown said...

hi supes.. yes, the food was good and price was reasonable. mmm.. you have to average down the price by go there to eat again when you get the discount :)

kljs said...

Yummmy......... I wished I can go there to eat......don't have time..... working and more working!

Unknown said...

oh kenny.. work hard but don't forget to relax once in a while and take care of yourself :)... maybe there is a chance of a working holiday in KL or M'cca soon :)

KY said...

oOO got discount I didn't know!! Must go there again. :P

Unknown said...

heehee..only because of you KY only i dapat discount wor.. thank you thank you :)