Monday, January 12, 2009

Sigh....People are Just Not Safety Concious

This is just going to be a quick post. I just cannot "tahan" (endure) it when people are so careless about their safety.

I was driving along Old Klang Road over the weekend and as I stopped at the traffic lights, the first thing I noticed was a little boy squashed between his parents on the motorbike and he does not have a safety helmet. And I thought to myself, how much does his parents love him, if they could put his safety at such risks. However, that is something which is quite common in our country as people always put convenience and perhaps cost cutting above safety.

As I was thinking this, then I notice that the mother probably does not love herself enough to protect herself sufficiently. I think in her case, she has put beauty above safety. She probably thinks that having long flowing hair is a symbol of beauty. And when you ride the motorcycle, to have one's long lovely hair flying must be a beautiful sight too.

Have a look at this picture and try to think of of the list of potential danger she might be putting herself in.

If her long lovely hair was to be caught in the spokes of her own motorcycle, if it might be caught by another moving vehicle, either way, it will spell pain, injury or maybe even death. I wanted to wind down my window and tell her to tie up her hair but as the light turned green, her motorbike hubby took off in a zoom and there was no way I could catch up. I seriously hope that somebody will tell her to put safety above beauty before an accident happens.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you are right...lack of safety consciousness. This type of situation is the matter of common sense. Nobody teach you. Think!

Unknown said...

it is so sad isn't it che-cheh that these days, common sense is so "uncommon".

Babe_KL said...

not only dat, the way she hangs her handbag also attracted attention to be snatched which happened many times over!

Jacky Cham said...

oh ya..babe_kl is right. i also notice of her handbag at first glance. if i can see it, those 'professional' snatch thief would have seen it too.

Unknown said...

babe and Jacky : you are both so right. It is only when I looked at the photo again that I noticed this. The kid was the first thing that caught my attention, then the hair. Gosh, sometimes people do ask for the bad things that happen to them, don't they? Sad but true!