Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CyberClean - The Wonder Cleaner

It seems that more and more people are doing little side businesses to help take care of their household expenses, which is ever increasing and I salute these people for being so enterprising. One of my dearest friend and ex-colleague has taken distributorship of this wonder cleaner called CyberClean. It seems to be a wonderful product especially for cleaning tight spaces and killing germs.

CyberClean is a high-tech cleaning compound using Swiss Technology that is a true revolution in cleaning when it comes to cleaning cavities where conventional cleaners face physical limits. One good example would be cleaning our computer keyboards. Apparently tests have proven that our keyboards have a very high accumulation of germs and dirt, such as hair, dead skin, food and dust. These apparently can cause harm to our health.

The CyberClean is highly efficient and easy to use by just pressing CyberClean on the surface of the device and all the dirt will be trapped in the material and the germs on the surface will be killed.

Here, I will let the videos speak for the product.

How it cleans your keyboards, your phones and your remote controls at home

How it cleans your shavers

How it cleans your cars

Their official website is here.

Their Klang Valley Distributor is my friend Melvin Kuo.
CX2 Communications (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Block D, Unit 11-06, No.6 Jalan Sri Jati,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel +603 7781 7321 Mobile +6016 232 0032
Contact Person Mr. Melvin
Email melvin@cx2group.com
Web http://www.cx2group.com.my/

The retail price of the product is RM27 per cup. If you require a demo, just let me know or call Melvin direct. Just tell him you are my friend and he'll give you a good discount :D.

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synical said...

I got some last PC Fair - no complaints so far, just haven't tried it in the car yet...

Unknown said...

hi synical. would you remember how much you paid for it?