Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Live for Fridays?

Fridays always puts me in the best of moods. It is like nothing can make me sad as I have the entire weekend ahead. I find that there is a spring in my every step, a smile for everyone I meet. Are you like that too? Why is that?

I heard that this is not very good. You should live for everyday of your life. I do try to. Friends tell me that its because the following 2 days are non-work days, but let me tell you this. I seem to work a whole lot harder during weekends than weekdays. There is the laundry to do, the gardening to fix, the "cab" service that I have to render for my mum and other members of the family. Sometimes, I tell myself I need a rest after a weekend. But that does not seem to stop me from feeling so great on Fridays.

When public holidays come during the week, the day before the holiday just does not give me the same euphoric feeling as Fridays do. Oh well, I suppose that I am truly one of those who live for Fridays. So everybody, have a wonderful Friday ya....CHEERS!

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