Saturday, August 1, 2009

Twittering more than Blogging

These days, I hardly have time to do much, ever since moving on from my previous job. The window left for me to blog, surf and just "run" around the internet has almost dwindled to less than 2 hours a day (and nite). But after saying that, I still found the time to "farm" at my favorite Farm Town place on Facebook (ok ok I have finally admitted that my frens Joyce and Daphne *smirk).

I used to be on Twitter also during my more active blogging days but since I am quite a "wind bag" - loves to talk and talk (and that is according to my ex Boss Rudi, or at least the impression that I got from him), blogging has always been my preferred choice of communicating. But these days, as I hardly have that much leisure time, I have turned to Twittering. It is actually not bad. Now that I have subscribed to the unlimited data access line, all I really need to do is to make sure that my mobile is fully charged all the time, and I can Twitter anywhere, whilst stuck in a traffic jam (opps, this is a no-no, so, please do as I say and not do as I do), sneaking in 5 minutes of office time whilst waiting for office meetings to start, during breakfast, lunch or dinner (especially when I am dining alone). I must really thank Twitter for saving my sanity. Surfing and getting online is really an addiction and I have to really accept this as a fact. Half a day without it and the withdrawal symptoms will start to kick in.

So, those of you who liked my blog (previously when it had more posts) and still like my blog, I am now on Twitter and I go by the name "Yozoranitesky" - (now why does that not surprise me - this is Patrick Ku's thought bubble - haha)

Alrighty then, I will see you all on Twitter then? Cheers and have a great weekend - I am sure I will.

Oh, by the way, those cutie little pups, they have all gone to great homes, Paddy, Benjamin, Eleanor, Magic and Cupcake. Hey, but that is only 5 of them... well the 6th one, MJ, he is with me now :). Hope to have a doggie meetup very soon. Any one of the doggie pals out that have any suggestion? Chester? Snoopy? Axel? Jake?Rusty?

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